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Why Cocktail Style Events Are Surpassing Seated Dinner Events in Popularity

If you plan on hosting a catered event, you first need to determine which dining style is better suited to your needs. There’s the more structured seated dinner style and the more flexible cocktail style. Given the many advantages of cocktail style events, it’s no surprise that they’re gaining popularity over their more restrictive counterpart. Here are some of the reasons why cocktail events are overtaking seated dinner events.

Guests Enjoy a Wider Range of Dishes

The average seated dinner booking offers 2-3 courses, with single or alternative drops being the most widely available options. With fewer choices for guests, pickier eaters may sometimes be dissatisfied with their dish.

Cocktail style events, however, traditionally offer a canapés menu. A canapés menu has much more variety, typically consisting of 8+ hors d’oeuvres. With so many options, even the fussiest eaters are sure to find something they’ll enjoy.

Additional Options Keep Guests Full

Worried that canapés won’t be enough to satisfy guests? You can also add more substantial items to be served at your event, which can include items such as pasta, sliders or stir-fries. These dishes are more filling and a bit bigger than canapes, but they’re still served canapés style to suit the event.

Many cocktail style events also feature food stations that are manned by chefs. These stations offer a wide range of dishes for your guests to graze on while also adding an extra wow factor to the event. The items they serve will depend on what type of station you choose with options like cheese and charcuterie, seafood or dessert stations available.

More Opportunity to Mingle

If guests spend almost the entire event sitting in one place, they’ll have very limited opportunities to mingle or network with people who aren’t seated nearby. Cocktail style events are much more open, giving people the freedom they need to walk across the room and begin a conversation with other attendees.

Event Space Can Accommodate More Guests

Tables and chairs can take up a considerable amount of space. By replacing them with lounge-style furniture, such as lounges and bar tables, your event space will be able to accommodate far more people.

Book the Best Event Space in Melbourne

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