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The story behind the carpet at Eureka 89

By April 30, 2015 October 13th, 2019 No Comments

Our newly laid carpet direct from the UK was another Peter Maddison (of Maddison Architects)  visions that have come to light!

The design for this distinctive custom made carpet came from two sources of inspiration.  Firstly, a beautiful satellite photograph of Melbourne that was captured at night to reveal the city street lights as they stretch around Port Phillip Bay.  The gold streaks in the carpet form an super scale map of Melbourne that reflect the spectacular view of the city lights that are visible from Eureka 89.  The second source of inspiration came from the 8-pointed star on the Eureka flag.  The geometric pattern in the carpet is generated from this star formation, with changes in tone to produce a slightly 3D effect.  When the Eureka star geometry and the gold streaks of Melbourne’s lights are combined into one design, the result is a truly unique carpet that constantly varies as it extends to all corners of the floor.