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To celebrate International Margarita Day, Eureka 89’s Renee Martillano is joining forces with Linus Schaxmann and Andrew Cripps of Herradura Tequila to showcase the diversity and complexity of this wonderful spirit. Renee has developed a 4 course menu to highlight and complement the various flavour profiles of a range of Herradura Tequilas.

Try these Tequilas in a variety of styles and forms, from mini cocktails to straight up, all whilst taking in the spectacular views from the 89th floor of Eureka Tower.

Tequila Dinner

6.30pm – 9.30pm

Adults $195

All inclusive


Kingfish ceviche, tequila marinated caviar, crème fraiche & lime tartlette

Tommy’s Margarita (Herradurra Plata, Campari, Pink Grapefruit)



Textures of sweet potato, black bean crisp, vanilla cream

Diablo (Herradura Anejo, Ginger Beer & Chambord)



Smoked beef short rib, jalapeno salsa verde, taro

Horseshoe Old Fashioned (Herradura Anejo, spiced agave nectar, coffee/pecan & chocolate bitters)



Coconut pannacotta, agave baba, charred pineapple

Herradura Ulltra



Herradura Suprema

Please note: menu is subject to change

For reservations call (03) 9693 8889 or book online below

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