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Caviar Month at Eureka 89

November 2021

Eureka 89 celebrates November in partnership with Yarra Valley Caviar, Australia’s premier producer of hand-milked freshwater caviar, and Bollinger Champagne, one of France’s leading Champagne houses.

Yarra Valley Caviar is Australia’s only producer of freshwater Atlantic salmon caviar. Located at the base of the icy Rubicon River in the splendour of rural Victoria, the pioneer aquaculture farm is renowned for the way it uses sustainable and ethical practices to raise and milk its fish. In addition to Atlantic salmon, Yarra Valley Caviar harvests rainbow and brook trout roe to produce caviar that is heralded by chefs across the nation.

After reaching the age of three, each May every fish at the Yarra Valley Caviar farm is milked for roe. Fish are naturally sedated with clove oil, entirely milked by hand, then placed gently back in the ponds to spawn again the following year. This careful human touch allows the farm’s salmon and trout to spawn for up to 10 years, producing the acclaimed caviar that graces the dishes of the finest restaurants.

In the month of November, Eureka 89 will be offering a caviar tasting course upgrade to our chef’s tasting menus so that guests can experience Yarra Valley Caviar during restaurant seatings on Wednesday through Sunday evenings.

We will also have on offer in our bar a selection of Yarra Valley Caviar’s available, with Bollinger Champagne or vodka matching.

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